Classroom Language 1

Classroom Language 2

Introductions 1

Introductions 2

Ordering Food

Finding Travel Information

Describing a Friend

Finding the Right Size

Making Suggestions

Talking about the Past

What were you doing?

Finding a Book

Musical Preferences

Finding out about a Concert

Making Plans

Asking for Directions



Shopping in London

Making Suggestions

Buying a Museum Ticket

Telling a Story

Giving Directions

Describing Scenes

Asking for a Phone Number

Comparing Pictures

Making Plans

Making Decisions

Taking a Flight

Giving Advice

Visiting the Emergency Room

Creating a TV Programme

Discussing Preferences

Talking about Past Events

Buying a Cinema Ticket

Giving Opinions

Applying for a Job

Making Plans

Extending an Invitation

What Could it Be?


Making Decisions

Using a Credit Card

Agreeing and Disagreeing

Making Recommendations

Describing a Process